Use Fishing Magnets Correctly

Fishing magnets

Fishing magnets are a fascinating hobby that can be used to find metal objects. Although it sounds innocent, it can be very dangerous. It’s crucial to know how to use magnets correctly.

In the beginning, it’s vital to know how to recognize the right magnet. There are many kinds of fishing magnets. You can choose between single-sided, clamp style and all-around magnets. Each style is for different uses.

The clamp-style magnet can be a great all-around magnet. It is a huge single neodymium magnet which is connected to a steel frame. The magnets have a huge pulling force. They are extremely powerful and have been around for many years. But, they’re not as common in the US as they are in other countries.

It is important to choose a magnet that has a strong pull force if you are interested in fishing with magnets. If you don’t have experience using magnets, begin with 300-660 pounds. This amount of force is sufficient to carry large metal objects. A pull force of 1,000 to 2000 pounds is the ideal weight for a double-sided magnetic.

No matter what magnet you pick, make sure you clean it prior to storing. Cleaning can prevent corrosion and also help keep the magnet from becoming old-fashioned. Some people also use a plastic scraper remove any magnetic particles. After you’ve finished fishing, clean the magnet.

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